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The island of Lastovo is settled in the central Dalmatian island chain. Amazingly maintained from the impacts of industrial civilization, the entire Lastovo island chain was proclaimed a nature park. Lastovo is the Adriatic island richest in natural woodlands. Especially interesting and dynamic is its undersea life. There are no richer fishing regions in the Adriatic than those of Lastovo, specifically where small bluefish, lobsters and numerous types of expensive fish such as Grooper and John Dory are concerned. On the island, dangerous snakes simply don't exist. After forty-five years, the island of Lastovo is open to travelers again. Along with the beauty of its untouched nature, the island is well-known for its carnival where all the island inhabitants take part by dressing in attractive folk clothing. Lastovo is a perfect spot for relaxed holidays, far away from the typical masses of vacationers. Particularly appealing are the trips by motorboat to the islands and islets of the Lastovo island chain, with swimming and fish picnic programs. The island of Saplun is well-known for its stunning sandy coves and beaches. Lastovo is quite nice-looking Island and there is a lot of sport activities during the summer season from snorkeling, sportfishing and undersea fishing, and many other dynamic adventures like climbing, hiking, cycling.

The small haven of Lastovo Island is virtually bereft of vacationers the majority of the year and draws in only a light sprinkling in the summer months. Thankfully for the old-fashioned lifestyle that nonetheless rules in Lastovo, there are a couple of beaches, just one hotel and it's a healthy five-hour ferryboat trip from the historic town of Split. Only the devoted need apply. But if you do brave it, you'll be awarded with dense woodlands, a drastically rugged shoreline and the opportunity to take lengthy, solitary strolls followed only by birds and the noise of the sprinkling sea. The beautiful natural beauty of Lastovo Island stimulated the authorities to name it a protected "Nature Park". The only activity on the island is farming, particularly viniculture. The Lastovo Marastina is a full-flavoured dry, white wine that is well-known across Croatia and this part of Europe.


Lastovo, just like the other parts of the Roman district of Dalmatia, was settled by Illyrians. The Romans dominated and settled the complete region, maintaining supervision till the Avar intrusions and Slavic movements in the 7th century. The Croats and other Slavic tribes subjugated by the Croats obtained the majority of the Dalmatian coast. At some point approximately the year 1000, the Venetians invaded and wiped out the village, as a result of the island's involvement in pirating along the Adriatic shore. In the 13th century, Lastovo signed up with the Dubrovnik Republic where for a number of centuries it enjoyed a specific level of freedom until the republic's occupation by the French, under Napoleon. Austria then controlled the island for the next hundred of years, then Italy and Yugoslavia till, it at last, became a piece of the independent Republic of Croatia.


Lastovo features all the common attributes of the Mediterranean meteorologic conditions, predominated by moderate, wet winter months and hot, long, and waterless summer months. The island enjoys approximately 2,700 sun hours each year, placing it among one of the sunniest in the Adriatic and enjoyable for travelers. This produces a sea temperature level around 27 ° C in the summer season. Yearly precipitation is around 600 millimeters. Considering that there is no long-term surface water flows, locals depend on bores, dams, and reservoirs.

Getting to Lastovo

There is a frequent Jadrolinija ferryboat that operates from Split to Ubli on Lastovo, stopping at Vela Luka on Korcula and there's also a fast catamaran in the summer season that makes the journey in less than 3 hours.

Attractions on island Lastovo

  • Church of St. Martin.
  • Church of St. Antonio.
  • Church of St. Mary of the Fields, that was constructed by local experts in the 15th century in the Gothic-Renaissance style.
  • Church of St. Luka from the 11th century in Ubli,.
  • Numerous small island, bays, beaches, caves and various other natural beauties.
  • Church of St. Blaz.
  • Parish Church of St. Kozmo and St. Damian from 1473.
  • Lighthouse Struga, constructed in 1839.

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  • Palac Palac ~ 0,1 km from Lastovo
  • Church Sv.Ivan Church Sv.Ivan ~ 0,2 km from Lastovo
  • Ethno gallery Stranj Ethno gallery Stranj ~ 0,2 km from Lastovo
  • Winery Saric, Lastovo Winery Saric, Lastovo ~ 0,2 km from Lastovo
  • Church Sv.Roko Church Sv.Roko ~ 0,2 km from Lastovo
  • Church Sv.Lucija Church Sv.Lucija ~ 0,2 km from Lastovo
  • Fortress Kascel Fortress Kascel ~ 0,3 km from Lastovo
  • Church Sv.Marija Church Sv.Marija ~ 0,4 km from Lastovo
  • Church Sv.Antun Church Sv.Antun ~ 0,4 km from Lastovo
  • Church Sv.Mihovil Church Sv.Mihovil ~ 0,5 km from Lastovo
  • Church Sv.Luka Church Sv.Luka ~ 3,1 km from Lastovo
  • Lighthouse Struga, Lastovo Lighthouse Struga, Lastovo ~ 4,8 km from Lastovo
  • Church Sv.Petar Church Sv.Petar ~ 6,3 km from Lastovo
  • Basilica Sv.Petar Basilica Sv.Petar ~ 6,4 km from Lastovo
  • Church Sv.Juraj Church Sv.Juraj ~ 7 km from Lastovo

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